Viva La Juicy

Viva La Juicy Case for iPhone 5. So pinky!



Missing In Action

Hey everyone! Sorry, I didn’t reply your comments. I didn’t open my blog because my iPhone is no longer jailbreak. LOL. I have to format my phone and my laptop is dying. I need a new laptop. Ugh! I will be back when I decided to jailbreak my phone again. I REALLY LOVE JAILBREAK it makes my phone PINK. Seriously! Okay, bye!

More Pink Wallies

Inspired by @vspink

More Pink Walls

Hello Kitty Calculator

I am so in love with my calculator. So cute! #lol

Hello Kitty Calculator

Pathway; var>stash>themes
Set in winterboard

How to use Frame Widget

Must have tweaks:-
Open in Apps for Photo
P/S: Get them in Cydia

1. Use ‘Open in Apps for Photo’ tweak in order to get your photo to ifile.

2. Rename your photo as Photo.png
and paste it to the frame widget folder you want to use.

3. Move your frame folder to iwidget folder* and set it up on your homescreen by pressing on your screen. The iwidget selection will appear and choose your widget. Done. Have a nice try! :p

*pathway; var>mobile>library>iwidget